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  Net-Innovation Finland Oy

Name of the class:  Perl advanced topics

Duration:  3-4 days

Labs:  about 50-60 % of the time

Prerequisite:  The class Introduction to Perl programming or equivalent Perl experience.

Target audience:  Programmers, Web-programmers, System administrators

Goal:  To learn about Perls advanced features. The main focus is on the modern features of Perl 5: modules, classes and object-oriented Perl-programming.

Course contents  (the customer will choose modules from the list below):

  • Libraries, modules and classes
  • Advanced data structures, references
  • Objectoriented Perl programming
  • Eval and Exceptions
  • Indexed files in Perl (DBM, GDBM, Berkeley DB etc)
  • Using SQL databases from Perl
  • Linking C code to Perl code
  • Perl on Windows (XP/2000/NT/W98/W95)
  • Debugging Perl code
  • Graphical User Interfaces in Perl: Perl/Tk and the GUI builder SpecTcl
  • Socket programming in Perl
  • Accessing binary data in Perl
  • Advanced regular expressions

Course material (in english): 

  • Student workbook
  • Labs/documentation in HTML format
  • A Perl book. The book selection might change over time:
    • Programming Perl, (the "Camel book") or
    • Advanced Perl Programming
    • or
    • The Perl Cookbook
  • A copy of the magazine The Perl Journal (see

Lab environment:  Unix/Linux or Windows (XP/2000/NT/W98/W95)