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Perl training in Europe

Net-Innovation offers comprehensive Perl programming training for the European market. Classes can be presented in the following languages: Finnish, Swedish and English.

Three classes are available and they are developed by one of the key Perl developers, Tom Christiansen. The classes have been widely used in the US and are now available for the Finnish, the Scandinavian and the European audience.

Since the start of Net-Innovation's Perl education business in March 1997, about 1600 people have attended the classes and the feedback has been very positive. So far, Net-Innovation has provided Perl training in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland and England.

Available classes:

Net-Innovation has developed the following new modules and they have been added to the classes:
  • Perl and SQL-databases
  • Perl and Windows (XP/2000/NT/W98/W95)
  • Debugging Perl programs
  • Graphical User Interfaces in Perl: Perl/Tk and the GUI builder SpecTcl
  • Calling C-functions from Perl

The classes can be arranged both at customer sites or regularly scheduled at partner sites. Please use the contact information below for more information.

Classes can be customized: eg 2 days from the "Introduction to Perl Programming" and 2 days from the class "Perl WWW/CGI programming"

New partner contacts are also welcomed. If you want to arrange commercial Perl training for your customers in Europe, Net-Innovation can provide sub-contractor services. Classes can be presented in Finnish, Swedish or English.